Sports Blackout


By Stephen Smit


Sports-related concussion is the greatest peril facing contact sports across the world. Recently concussion has been linked to long-term injuries and mental illness. Under resourced amateur level clubs have struggled to break down cultural and social stigma towards concussion that puts players at risk.

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Critical Reflection – Hunter S. Thompson: The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved


Hunter S. Thompson’s coverage of the Kentucky Derby is the first example of new form of journalism he pioneered called gonzo journalism where the writer places them self within in the story.

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Melbourne Football Club signs responsible gambling charter

Problem gambling has increased dramatically in recent years as online sports gambling has taken the industry by storm.

The Melbourne Football Club in associate with Responsible Gambling Victoria has recently signed the responsible gambling charter with the intention changing the culture of betting within sports.

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Contact Book Reflection

Understanding Journalism – COMM2657

In the field of journalism it is of vital importance to have credible and reliable sources. A journalist lives and dies on the quality of their sources and the information they provide. The information has the potential to make or break a story. For example, by providing information, which a journalist may not, been able to acquire through regular channels, verifying the accuracy of information and the significance of information to the news story.

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