Immortality Puzzle

IMMORTALITY-GAME-Ever dreamt of living forever? Well, you’re not alone.
It’s been one of the big dreams of humanity since… well forever.  There’s something enticing about denying biological inevitability, casting off the shackles of death. Continue reading “Immortality Puzzle”


Political Report


Catherine Smith, Louisa Cheatley, Stephen Smit, Anthony Furci

 This political report is a summary and overview of the Mordialloc area. In this report, we will be exploring and giving a background to the area, as well as dissecting and exploring its councils, political regimes and local/state issues. We will be exploring the tiers of government and how politicians and councilors are represented in the area, and the different state and local issues that are faced.

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Critical Reflection – Hunter S. Thompson: The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved


Hunter S. Thompson’s coverage of the Kentucky Derby is the first example of new form of journalism he pioneered called gonzo journalism where the writer places them self within in the story.

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