1. What have you found challenging in learning about audio journalism in this course?


For the most part I found audio journalism the easier of the course. I think I am particularly suited to audio journalism more so than the other aspects of the course. However I found it difficult to inject more interest in my story through the use of my voiceover. I thought my voiceovers were lacking the credible and authorial qualities required to convey the story in a way that would draw the interest of the listener to the story. This meant my story sounded as if I was going through the motions.


  1. What have you found challenging in learning about video journalism in this course?


Overall I found video journalism the harder aspect of the course.  I found it more challenging to envision the story as whole in comparison to the audio journalism and found it difficult to connect my voiceovers, script and footage together cohesively. I found this made my story disjointed. I also found it difficult to get concise interview grabs. I found this particularly disappointing as I had put a great deal of effort into writing my questions as simple and clear as possible. In the resulting interviews it was harder to find grabs that were  articulated what I was looking for and concise at the same time.


  1. How have you tackled these challenges?


I have tackled my audio journalism difficulties by starting to practice my voiceover voice. I did this by listening to radio presenters, reporters and concentrating and focusing in on how they enunciate, place emphasis certain words and tone to create impact and interest in the story. I acknowledge that it may take some time and practice before I completely develop a fully formed audio voice.


I faced my video journalism challenge by breaking my story down piece by piece into simplified form improving my workflow. This allowed me to work one step at time and see the where the story was going, the angle and how I would finish the story.


  1. List the editorial roles you have fulfilled this semester and what you have learnt about the broadcast newsroom.


The roles I have undertaken this semester are as follows; Video producer, copywriter, reporter, presenter, sub-editor and technical producer. Over the course of the semester I learnt many things about the broadcast newsroom. The most important thing I learnt about the broadcast newsroom was how a newsroom functions. Although this was not a real newsroom and only a small taste, it gave me a glimpse into what roles I might undertake in a future workplace and how perform to these roles in a team environment. I also learnt how to maximise my time better in a pressure situation and work to a deadline. This overall experience will be valuable next year in newsroom and if I step into a professional newsroom in the future.


  1. What’s the main thing you’ll take away from this course?

The main thing I will take out of this course is confidence in myself. Through the course of the semester I learnt a lot about myself and I learnt that I have the ability to create audio and video journalism pieces. However I also learnt that this course is merely a step in my journey to become a well-rounded journalist. This journey requires me to continue working, practicing and developing all aspects of journalism skills. I am planning on continuing to work on writing skills and presenting voice over sound by working at SYN radio and my own side projects.



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