Features and Storytelling Writing Exercises

Exercise 1 Obituary

Aaron Holt had his life tragically cut short but a vicious hit and run, leaving his adorning friends and family distraught with grief.

His compassionate and energetic soul will be missed by each life he touched. Aaron was a successful sportsman who never failed to crack a joke and lighten the mood. Winning the championship for his soccer team by kicking the deciding goal was one of his many achievements of final year in this world.

Upon his completion of high school, he excelled in his first year of university, living his passions in writing and soccer. His grandmother shared with us a treasure memory that her husband, and Aaron’s beloved grandfather who also passed away shared a beautiful bond of true companionship.

Aaron lived by the motto that ‘life is best lived when we live life to the best of our abilities’. This life lesson was passed down through generations, encouraging Aaron to fight for what he believes in, and achieve greatness.


Exercise 2 Scenes

I walked into the pub in at 5:30, instantly the intoxicating smell of beer hit my nostrils like wandering through an alley on St. Patrick’s day. The place was abuzz with the beginnings of drunken debauchery. As I walked into the main bar, I let my gaze fall across the scattered crowds, people congregating with amongst their unique cliques, striving for validation, cloning one another’s style in the hope of acceptance.

My daydream was broken by a loud roar erupting from the crowd. “About time Geelong” a large, boisterous man threw his fist in the air. “What a spud!” A voice behind me thundered. The glowing screen captivated my attention, requiring my utmost concentration with Geelong at least seizing the ball and owning the field.

The faint clocking of pool balls and against their cues grated on my patience, knocking one another, again and again, friends cheering their success, not caring for the building suspense on my glowing screen. A pit of range burning inside me as Geelong took a back seat, missing goal after goal.


Exercise 3 A woman was angry with the man, but he didn’t care

The woman crossed her arms and glared at the man with piercing eyes, one fist clenched, with the other fist cocked at her hip in preparation and lips pursed, ready to pounce on the man’s response.

On the other hand, the man was off in the distance, torso and arms slouched, eyes glazed over, away with his thoughts, as if his mind had left his body.

“Watch where you’re going!” The woman snarled. The man shrugged in response, he was thinking about a dream he had, of his perfect partner. He tried his best not to allow the smile tugging at his mouth to escape.

“Hello? Hello is anyone in there!?” said the woman. “You broke my concentration” he muttered. The man proceeded to shuffle off before the woman snapped “Well aren’t you going to apologise?!” The women’s face was now flamed red, her eyes bulging.


Exercise 4 Trigger Words PASSION

The rain pelted down on us, drenching the freshly mowed grass and soaking through my Fitzroy jersey. There was no better feeling then hearing that siren, the small crowds roaring to life and the adrenaline flooding through my veins. The ball flew up into the sky, reminding my teammates, the opposition and our spectators that it was ‘go time’.

My heart raced and my cheeks were flush. Like an eagle, the ball soared through the sky, into our 50 meter goals, plummeting towards me, I felt an immense passion pool within, rising from my stomach and into my chest, giving me the strength to hurl myself into the air, lounging towards to the prize, my feet just missing Number 28’s neck. As soon as I could feel it’s thick skin between my fingertips, elation filled my heart, I landed on one foot, the other foot ready to sprint.

The cheers were loud and aggressive and yet I had ensured they remained my background noise. My sole focus was the space between the centre poles. Holding our own premiership cup was within reach. I could feel it, I could taste it. I swung my left leg hard; lurching the ball as hard as my body would allow. Drunk in euphoria, I threw my fist in the air as my teammates wrapt me up in the embrace of mateship.

Exercise 5 Room description, common sense and kinaesthesia and internal sensations

The room is warm and cosy, like a familiar hug. The lights are dimmed, soothing me to a point of slumber. I can see the faint flicker of the television behind my closed eyelids, the roaring cheers of AFL football fans echo through the room.

A vanilla and cinnamon candle is burning to my left, filling the room with a deliciously sweet aroma. My belly is full of from a heavenly pizza, smothered in all my favourite toppings. Only three slices remain, lonely on the marble coffee table, inches from my toes.

I’m lying like a starfish, sprawled across the couch, allowing my body to sink into the pillows, wrapping my favourite woolly blanket under my chin. My poodle is curled into a tight ball in the crook of my waist, nuzzling for warmth, content from his evening stroll and home made chicken and rice. Charlie lets out a deep sigh, and I follow suit. It’s been a big week.

Exercise 6 Street Level Exercise *Fear of overcrowded trains and terrorism

The overcrowded train came to a sudden halt, I groaned loudly as a tall man wearing a suit and tie crashed into me. I could hardly blame him; we were jostling around like sardines in a can. Sweat dripped down the nape of my neck, adding to my already soaked shirt.

I craned my neck around an old lady in pink, stumbling over her walking stick to see what the hold up could possibly be; simultaneously, wincing at the screams echoing from Flinders Street Station. My fellow passengers exchanged frightened gasps with one another as a second scream came.

I swiped my left backhand across my forehead, clenching my right into a fist, despite the sweltering heat, radiating from the other travellers, I felt cold. I impatiently awaited an announcement from our driver, praying for a sense of normality, but all that came was a roaring explosion, leaving behind flames and destruction only fifty meters ahead.


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